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Announcement SMP Revamp - May 2023
22 hours ago

SMP Rework - May 2023

Hello everyone!

Divine Isles has always strived to provide the best content and experience for our players, and in response to community feedback, we have decided to reboot the SMP in preparation for version 1.20 (Tales & Trails update). 

We're here to provide as many answers and information as possible, so let's get started!

❓Why is SMP being rebooted/redone?

Team Update Team Update - April 2023
about 1 month ago

Team Update - April 2023

Hello everyone!
Since the opening, The Divine Isles Team has been quiet about what is currently happening with the state of our services. It is hoped that you will stay informed about The Divine Isles' current state and future developments through this monthly update.

Lets get right into it!

⭐ Divine Isles Rebrand

We have officially changed our logo yet again to suit a more clean and professional appeal. The previous logo's colour scheme and...

Staff and Builder Applications are out now!
5 months ago

Image stating 'Join the Team!'

Hello all!

I am very excited to announce that our Staff Team and Build Team applications are now open for submissions! Staff and Build Applications will be checked constantly by the team during this application period.

Before you submit an application, we expect all our applicants to have the following:

  • Access to a Java Minecraft Account
  • Has access to the 'Multiplayer' tab within their Java Minecraft (Minecraft Moderation 1.19+) 
  • Owns a Discord account, 
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